General Machining

FPES can perform hydraulic cylinder tubes honing, boring or re-chroming. We also remake or duplicate piston rods, fabricate cylinder end configurations and pressure test assemblies to manufacturer's specifications before shipping. 

Equipment Available:

3 x Lathes (Manufacturing)

2 x Mill  (Manufacturing)

2 x Vertical Drill (Manufacturing)

1 x Linisher (Rod polishing)

1 x Hone (Cylinder Barrel Honing)

1 x Welding Bay (Welding MIG and TIG)

4 x Dismantle Cylinder Bench (Dismantling Cylinders)

1 x Nut Buster (Removing and Installing of Piston to the required Torque – up to 50000 Ft/lbs)

2 x Test Rigs (up to 5000psi test pressure)

Nut Buster

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